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Privacy notice Perú, February 16, 2019  
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For us it is important to safeguard your privacy. Please read attentively our politics of privacy and data protection.

NuestraCasaPerú commits to adopt a politics of privacy and data protection, in order to protect the privacy of the personal information obtained through our Web Site.

NuestraCasaPerú is reserving the right to change the Norms of Privacy and Data Protection that are detailed bellow in order to adapt them to new legislative requirements, jurisprudenciales, technicals or all those that allow us to offer better services and contents, for which you are advised to check these norms periodically.

Therefore, because certain services and contents of NuestraCasaPerú can contain specific norms as regards privacy and data protection, it is recommended the users to take specific knowledge of them.

1. Type of information that is gathered

It is under the norms of privacy and data protection that entire personal information that the user enters free and voluntarily to the net of NuestraCasaPerú, as well as those that must be entered, such as user name and password (password). The user will be able to enter its personal data during the registration to the NuestraCasaPerú and in other occasions like competitions, promotions, purchases, etc. The type of information includes, but it is not limited to, name, last name, address, telephone number, electronic mail, etc. The user can modify or upgrade part of this information in any moment, and in this way NuestraCasaPerú will be able to offer him/her services and contents acording to its profile.

2. Purpose that will be given to the information
The personal data entered voluntarily by the users and the private information content, are used to provide the user a service and customized contents acording to their necessities, likes and interests, and in their case, offering selective publicity or contents that can end up being of more interest. NuestraCasaPerú will provide this service with the user's express consent.

3. What the cookies are?

Cookies are small portions of information, transferred from the user's hard disk through Internet, that allow to identify the connected computers to a Website. The cookies are anonymous.

The access to the information privided by cookies, allows NuestraCasaPerú to offer to the user that previous and voluntarily have provided its consent, a more custom service, since it reflect its habits and preferences.

NuestraCasaPerú aknowledges its users that the advertising companies that inserts ads in our page can also use their own cookies and these can be activating when an user is "clicking" a certain banner.

Therefore, is important to clarify that these privacy terms and data protection are only applicable tot the data gathered in the website of NuestraCasaPerú.

4. Information privacy

NuestraCasaPerú won't share the private information with thirds, except when the express autorization is given, or when it is required by law means, or to protect the copyrights or other rights of NuestraCasaPerú.

NuestraCasaPerú doesn't sell neither rents the information of the users. If the user's personal data should be shared with commercial partners or sponsors, the user will be notified before these are picked up or transferred. If he/she doesn't want that their data are shared, he/she can decide not to use a certain service or not to participate in some promotions or competitions.

5. Changing/Update of personal information

The personal data provided by the user will be part of a file that will contain its profile. Accesing this, the user can modify it and/or update part of it, in any moment. NuestraCasaPerú advises its users to update their data every time that suffer some modification, since this will allow us to offer better services and customized contents according to their necessities and interests.

6. Personal information protection

The information provided by the user when registering to NuestraCasaPerú, it is preserved technologically and it will only be available to the same user through a password or in the cases in that the user requires it, to the members of the designated area.

The user is the only one responsible for maintaining secure his password and the information of his account. To diminish the risks NuestraCasaPerú recommends the user to logout and to close the window of their navigator when their activity ends, and more if it shares its computer with somebody or if is using a computer in a public place as a library or an "Internet Caffe."

Although NuestraCasaPerú possesses a technological protection system that goes from its server to Internet, any Internet transmission can't guarantee its security to 100%. NuestraCasaPerú cannot guarantee that the information entered to its website or transmitted using its service is totally safe, for which the user take its own risk.

7. Confidentiality of the Minor

The safeguard of the children's personal information is extremely important. NuestraCasaPerú doesn't request information of personal identification to the minor. The minor should always request permission to their parents before use the services and contents of NuestraCasaPerú or to send personal information to another online user.

8. Acceptance of the terms

This Privacy notice and Data protection is subject to the Conditions of use of NuestraCasaPerú and together with it constitutes a legal agreement between the user and NuestraCasaPerú.

If the user uses the services of NuestraCasaPerú, it means that he has read, understood and accepted the terms exposed. If it doesn't agree with them, he has the option of not providing any personal information, or to not use the services of NuestraCasaPerú.


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